Manes for Movement has many ways you can help support the children with special needs we serve! We greatly appreciate donations to help cover the costs of therapy operations throughout the year, as well as to support our families with financial need so they can continue to receive these life-changing therapy services.

The following are ways that YOU can make a difference:

  • Equipment Donations- we are always in need of new protective helmets, therapy equipment, and therapy specific horse tack.
  • Directed Giving- donations can be made to support a specific child, or towards our general scholarship fund, to help support our clients’ therapy services directly.
  • Horse Sponsorship- Sponsor one of our gentle therapy horses to help keep them healthy and fit to continue to care for their special kids!
  • One-time monetary gifts- directly support our therapy horses, clients with financial need, and therapy facility!
  • Volunteer your time with us- we are always looking for more sidewalkers and horse leaders!

Below are some example costs associated with providing equine assisted therapy to our inspiring clients:

  • Cost of 1 set of Rainbow Riding Reins: $25
  • Cost of 1 Safety Helmet: $55
  • Cost of 1 Therapy Horse Saddle Pad: $100
  • Cost of Hoof Care for 1 Therapy Horse for 1 year: $750
  • Full Sponsorship of Weekly Adaptive Riding Services for 1 Child for 1 year: $3,600
  • Full Sponsorship of Weekly Therapy Services for 1 Child for 1 year: $7,000
  • Full Sponsorship of 1 Therapy Horse for 1 year: $10,000

Contributions can be sent directly to “Manes for Movement” at P.O. Box 1587 Torrance, CA 90505, or through PayPal. To learn more about how you can support our goal of providing equine assisted therapy services to the children of the Southbay, please feel free to contact us at (310) 737-2938 or email our director Dr. Erin O’Mahony, PT, DPT at