Our Herd



Chance is a handsome Norwegian Fjord horse gelding who has been a part of Manes for Movement’s team since its inception. Chance is known for his calm and sweet personality, mohawk-style mane, versatile gaits, and medium height which makes him the therapy horse of everyone’s dreams! Norwegian Fjords are known for their strengths in the therapy world, and Chance underwent special therapy training for months prior to joining the Manes for Movement Team. In his spare time Chance enjoys hanging out with his friend Sparky, munching on carrots and apples, and sunbathing in the SoCal sunshine.



Sparky is a sweet Appaloosa horse gelding who has also been a part of Manes for Movements team since the beginning. Sparky started out his life as a loving trail horse for Manes for Movement’s Owner and Director Erin’s mom. Then when Erin graduated physical therapy school, she moved him down south from Oregon to be her personal riding horse prior to opening Manes for Movement. As a therapy horse Sparky is known for his sweet and kind eyes, brightly spotted coat, flowing forward gaits, and versatility. In his spare time Sparky enjoys riding Dressage with Erin, playing with his friend Chance, munching on apples, and playing in the mud (when he can find any!). Sparky has officially retired from Manes for Movement after serving many years as a beloved therapy horse. He is enjoying his retirement in a beautiful pasture in Ramona, CA with his mustang friend Sally, and donkey friend Buddy.



Malachi, aka “Mali” is a beautiful palomino paint gelding, who joined the Manes for Movement herd in the summer of 2019. Before becoming a therapy horse, Mali worked as a pony horse at the Del Mar racetrack, helping to escort the racehorses to the starting line, and then lived with a lovely family in San Diego. Mali’s calm temperament, smooth gaits, and responsiveness makes him an excellent horse to help new riders in our adaptive riding program, as well as adult clients in our hippotherapy program.



Lizzie is a cute welsh pony mare, who was generously donated to the Manes for Movement herd by Seahorse Riding Program in Rolling Hills Estates. Prior to becoming a therapy horse, Lizzie was a beloved lesson horse in Seahorse’s program, teaching countless young riders in the South Bay how to ride and beginning jumping skills. Lizzie’s smooth stride, sweet disposition, and short stature make her an excellent therapy horse for our younger clients in the hippotherapy and adaptive riding programs.



Bobby is an adorable miniature horse gelding who has been a part of the Manes for Movement family since the beginning. Although he is too small to ride, Bobby often helps some of our more timid clients warm up to the horses with his small size, kind eyes, and sweet disposition. In his spare time Bobby loves to help with the pony camps at Peter Weber Equestrian Center, hang out with his friend Socks (a fellow miniature horse), eat carrots, and have his mane and tail braided by the little girls and boys.