Ground-Based Horsemanship Lessons

Ground-based horsemanship classes offer our participants the opportunity to engage with our horses and learn about horsemanship out of the saddle. These 45-minute classes may include grooming, horse handling, feeding, grooming, managing equipment, and learning about horse breeds, anatomy, and basic care. These concepts are also taught in our riding lessons, but offer an opportunity to learn and bond with our horses when they are not working in our riding lessons. These sessions are 1:1 with an instructor who can provide safe adaptations to our curriculum, and offer social opportunities with other participants, volunteers, and local equestrians in the community. Ground-Based Horsemanship Lessons are also an awesome opportunity for clients who may not be medically able to safely participate in riding to interact with our therapy horses in a safe and therapeutic way. Manes for Movement currently partners with California Regional Centers to provide Ground-Based Horsemanship services free of cost to families who qualify through their social recreational funding, and self-determination program.